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Hire a Guide and Grading Information
Hire a Guide
Walking in Mallorca Majorca MWT have been offering tailored guided walks and treks for many years and our experience is second to none!

So if you’ve got a group of friends or a walking club that wants showing the way, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

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Grading System
So that you can decide which walks suit your needs and ability the best, each walk comes with a grade.

Grade C+: These walks will suit anyone in reasonably fit condition used to walking. They travel along well made paths and tracks, but like most of Mallorca are stony under foot. (Consult with the guide, to see if these can be done in trainers or you need boots).

Grade B:
The use of boots is a necessity for ankle support on rocky ground. These walks are slightly more adventurous than the C+ ones, although normally along well defined paths with ups and downs!

Grade B+
: To participate in a B+ walk you should have experience of walking on high mountain terrain, as they're a bit more strenuous and can involve a short scramble/ A 800mtr climb or something else a little different.(Boots for sure)

Grade A : Only two grade A walks feature on the current programme "Puig Tomir" and "Mortitx Gorge"
These challenging days out are for people that are in good fit condition, who like wild limestone scenery and are not put off by the possibility of a short obstacle course during the day.
They are by no means impossible, in fact they offer some of the most rewarding experiences, but those wishing to attempt them, should be at least adaptable. (Boots for sure).

Contact: Rich Strutt Tel : + 34 668 542 274